Your vote matters


Chart of youth voter turnout. (Used with limited license: Dallas Morning News 2016)

Elena Gorney, Author

With the primary elections quickly approaching, a frequent topic in the media is presidential candidates and our country’s future. The hype about this election’s presidential candidates is causing the political interest and conversation of high school students to rise.

“I think it’s important for [young people] to vote because we’re the future for this country, and we need to have our opinions heard so we can impact where this country is going,” Hailey Kitchell (10) said.

Voting is the best way for citizens to participate in their government and have their voices heard. Those who are 17-years-old during the primary elections but will be 18 by the time of the general elections are still eligible to vote in the primaries as long as they register at least 29 days before the election they wish to vote in. Because younger generations have strong opinions on politics, it is important for them to vote.

“I think a lot of kids think their voice doesn’t matter, but we are the generation that is up [and] coming and we need to be heard, too. It’s going to be the world that we’re living in. I feel like we should have the people we want to run it running it,” Breanna Zeller (12) said.

According to the United States Census Bureau, in 1964, 50.9 percent of people age 18-24 years voted, but in 2012, that number was only 38 percent.

“I feel like a lot of people just don’t really care that much because they think it doesn’t affect them, but it’s important [to vote],” Zeller said.

Voting registration in Indiana can be done online, in person or by mail. Further information is available on