Student’s opinions on high school relationships


You lovebirds can pull off a stylish Valentine’s Day wedding without turning it into a Hallmark holiday. (Used with limited license: Lisa Veigel/Dallas Morning News/MCT)

Amber Stedt, Author

High school relationships are always brought up in the month of February.  Not everyone has the same opinion on them, but they are something all of us deal with in some way.

“I honestly feel like it’s a make or break thing. When the two want to commit to it, it will probably work out.  I mean you can see it here from the teachers as examples, you can see it from some kids that have been together since middle school.  It all depends on the people, if they want to make it work, then they’ll make it work, if they don’t then obviously it’s not going to happen,”  Inna Ramos (11) said.

Some students think high school relationships aren’t a bad thing but that they shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“I don’t think [high-school relationships] are a bad thing because you have to figure out what you like and what you don’t like, but I feel like some people take it too seriously,”  Sky Martens (11) said.

Other students feel relationships in high school prepare you for the future and get you ready for the more real relationships.

“I feel like highschool relationships get you ready for the future and prepare you for the hurt and feelings you are going to feel in your later relationships. [High school relationships] are sometimes overrated and people take them too seriously, but they are good for the most of the population of high schoolers,” Dylan Steliga (11) said.