Champions against Chesterton


Stephanie O'Drobinak, Author

On Friday, Jan. 26, the boys varsity basketball team, led by Head Coach Dave Milausnic, caught an intense DAC victory against the Chesterton Trojans. The boys came out on top with a score of 55-54.

“I felt great about our win, but at the time we didn’t play our best basketball. The second half of basketball, we definitely stepped up and played as a team. We need to improve on boxing out and that will lead to more wins,” Skylar Smith (12) said.

The game started with losing in the first quarter with a score of 7-13. As the buzzer sounded for the finish of the first quarter, and Joseph Graziano (11) ended the first with possession of the ball. As the game went on the boy’s finished the second quarter with a score of 20-28 and the Trojans with the lead.

“The first half was a little rough, I think our offense came along, finally. We took better shots the second half, and we played as a team the second half,” Joseph Graziano (11) said.

In the third half, all the boys stepped up their game with more aggression and intensity. At the end of the third the score was 39-47, leaving the Indians behind.

“Our offense is what kept us in the game. The thing we need to improve on the most for our next game is our defense, to try and limit the other teams scoring,” Nicholas Bandura (11) said.

With the atmosphere booming with excitement, the boys played their hardest to pull forward. As the fourth quarter went on the boys pulled ahead with a score of 55-54. In 0.7 milliseconds left in the fourth quarter, Lake Central hit the ball out of bounds, giving Chesterton a chance to throw it back in. As the Trojans threw the ball back into play, Ethan Darter (12) jumped and blocked the ball from the Trojans net, securing the win for Lake Central.

“I feel like we played a good game but we could’ve played better. Next game we have to improve on our box outs and talking more on defense,” Norell Smith (11) said.