It’s new on Netflix


On Jan. 1, Netflix added a combined total of 113 new movies and TV series. According to students, the new content pertains to teenagers.

Lana Miramontes, Author

Netflix tends to be a release for students after a hard day at school. The internet streaming site has up-and-coming TV shows and movies that appeal to young adults. On Jan. 1, Netflix released a combined total of 113 new movies and TV shows.

“I was beginning to get sick of Netflix because the content was getting old for me and I stopped watching it for a while. The new movies are super good now and I watch it all the time again,” Hannah Mickelson (10) said.

According to students, the new content on Netflix calls to younger crowds. The TV series New Girl, The Spoils Before Dying and Degrassi, as well as the movies Across the Universe, Fast and Furious and Pride and Prejudice, are all new items on Netflix that teenagers may like or relate to.

“My favorite new movie on Netflix is Pride and Prejudice. I love the theme that the movie conveys. I’m so happy with the new additions to Netflix because I find that I can relate to more of the movies which makes me like them more,” Margaret Sablich (10) said.