Q&A: Stojanka Jovanovic, Maintenance


Colleen Quinn, Author

Q: What does your daily job consist of?

A: I clean everything: [the] floor, bathroom, lockers, West Lake kids when something [happens and the] upstairs carpet.

Q: What do you do in the summer?

A: Summertime is different. In the summer we wash everything inside the rooms. First, we take everything [and] put it in the hallway. Then we wash the floor [and] wash the windows. If [it’s a] tile floor we scrub it and wax it. We wash carpets and everything you see in the school we wash in the summer. Before [the students] come, everything is supposed to be done.

Q: Are you in charge of cleaning a specific area?

A: I’m in charge of [cleaning] the upstairs [and] downstairs freshman area. Every person has [their] own area. In the summer it’s different. In the summer we work together.

Q: When did you start working here?

A: When the freshman center was built, I started working here.

Q: Is it difficult working around high schoolers all day?

A: I am happy with my job and I like what I’m doing. I like [the] people around me [and] I like [the] kids.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about yourself?

A: I am from old Yugoslavia. My kids graduated here, and they graduated [from] college [at] Purdue. When I started [working] here my eldest son was here. Before the students would leave the classroom, my son would go back and pick up paper [off the ground]. His friend asked why he [would] do that, he said because his mom worked here. I asked him why he did that because usually kids don’t like [their] mom being janitor, but he said ‘Mom, I feel bad for you’.