Love is in the air


Many students celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolates and sweets. This was a cake made by a student in honor of the holiday.

Rhea Chhokar, Author

Thousands of couples around the world exchange flowers, teddy bears, and candy to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It has be around for thousands, and many Lake Central couples partook in this tradition this past weekend.

“Me and [my boyfriend] just went out to dinner and exchanged gifts. It was really fun and sweet,” Gabriella Goncher (12) said.

However, if one was single on this romantic holiday, do not fret because you are not alone. Many students decided to spend the day with their friends or by themselves watching movies.

“I think Valentine’s Day is really dumb. Even if I had someone to celebrate it with I wouldn’t. I just went to the mall with my friend and that was basically it,” Lindsey Gercken (12) said.

Some went out of the norm when celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend.

“I went on skiing and snowboarding trip in Michigan for Valentine’s Day. It was really fun because it was my first time ever going,” Melanie Stepanovic (12) said.