All-Stars go all out against Bulldogs


Members of the West Lake All-Stars huddle up around their coach, Asst. Principal Tim Powers, during their game against Crown Point. After a lot of back and forth, the All-Stars lost the game 36-34.

Sofia Hay, Author

The West Lake All-Stars basketball team, coached by Asst. Principal Tim Powers, took on the Crown Point Bulldogs on Friday, Feb. 12, at Crown Point High School. It was a very close game, with a final score of 36-34 Crown Point.  

“We did better than I thought we would do. We were pretty evenly matched. If we would’ve had maybe 30 more seconds we probably would’ve won, or would have tied it. I think we all made our fair share of mistakes, some more than others, but I think I did pretty good,” Elijah Dogget (12) said.

Although the game ended in a loss for the All-Stars, players still remain positive about how they played.

“We had a good time out there. We lost, but I’m still going to keep going after I practice. I was trying to go fast, and after that trying to make the shot. I shot a three point shot, and it was good. [Next time we play Crown Point,] I’m pretty sure we’ll beat them. I have a plan to beat them. If we win, then we win, and if we don’t, then we keep going,” Austin Huber (11) said.

The All-Stars’ next game will take place on at Lake Central on Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 6 p.m.