Discussing the passion for school problems


Members of the school board Ms. Janice Malchow, Mr. Don Bacso and Mr. Howard Marshall laugh in response to one of the comments made during the meeting. The meeting took place on Feb. 15.

Lauren Davidson

In the LGI Room, the members of the school board and a number of teachers and parents who wanted to attend gathered to discuss topics about the school. The meeting took place on Feb. 15. At the meetings, the board gives everyone a printed agenda for what the topics of the meeting will be for that session, and then, with the bang of a gavel, the meeting begins. Mrs. Janice Malchow, the Vice President of Lake Central School Corporation, was the main speaker during the event.  One of the first presentations was made by Mr. Bob Gustas, Math, and Mrs. Letitia Gustas, English.

“On Jan. 24, Lake Central lost a true advocate for education, Michele Tyler. Michele was a teacher for Lake Central for 18 years, teaching at both Grimmer and Clark Middle Schools. She was loved by her students, often made recognized as their most inspiring teacher. The staff members from both Grimmer and Clark along with several other teachers and administrators from other schools donate money to put towards a donation to Dollars for Scholars in Michele’s name. Michele would be humbled in a loss for words seeing her colleagues honoring her in this way.  Tonight, Letitia and I give a donation of $750 to Dollars for Scholars for Michele Tyler,” Mr. Gustas said.

Not only did the board members and participants discuss donations, but they also talked about different opportunities students in the Lake Central School Corporation have.  

“[Camp Invention] definitely brings some benefits to the students of the Tri-Town area, and what it is is it’s a week long summer camp. We hold it at Kolling every summer, and it’s open to students heading into first grade through sixth grade. This year’s camp will be June 6 through the 10. One of the other amazing things about camp is I’m able to hire Leadership Interns, which are Lake Central High School students, and they come in, and they serve as mentors. They are assigned to different groups of students, and they travel around the modules with the students. They’re getting great leadership experience as well as [getting] hands on with science, and a lot of them use it for college applications and scholarships,” Mr. Frank Zaremba said.

The members of the board were very impressed with how passionate the people who presented were with their topics. Other topics dealing with money were also discussed.