Q&A: Julianna Massa (10)


Julianna Massa (10) stands on the winners’ podium after receiving a third place ribbon. The varsity girls swim team ended up placing third overall at Sectionals.

Jessica Cook, Author

Q: Did you have any goals for Sectionals?

A: At Sectionals I really wanted to get third in the 200 [freestyle], and I achieved that so I was really happy. In the 100 [backstroke], I wanted to go under the minute but it didn’t work out for me. I did move up in place from last year going from sixth to fifth.

Q: How did you prepare for Sectionals?

A: I did a lot of hard practices. In swimming, you can decide whether you can go all out during the practices or not, and I went all out. I really wanted it this year, especially in freestyle, so I worked really hard in that.

Q: Why did you work so hard in freestyle?

A: I think I had a better chance in placing in freestyle at Sectionals. I don’t like backstroke, even though that’s been my stroke for a couple of years. I think I’m better at freestyle and the technique is easier to master.

Q: How did you do in Sectionals?

A: I got third in the 200 free, fifth in the 100 back and our relay got third.

Q: How did Sectionals go for the whole team?

A: I think it went really well. We lost a lot of seniors last year so we were kind of disappointed about losing that talent, but we still placed just as well as we did last year which was third.

Q: How did you think the season went for you?

A: It went really well. I dropped 1.5 seconds in my 100 back from last season, and I dropped 2 seconds in my 200 free, and I dropped 3 seconds in the 100 free.

Q: What was your favorite memory from this season?

A: It was probably at [the] Highland Invite this year. Leading up to that meet, I wasn’t really doing so well and my times weren’t really that great. At the Invite, I felt really good and I dropped time in all three of my events.

Q: How do you feel going into next season?

A: I feel really good. I am really proud of myself at all that I have achieved this season. I think the summer season is going to go really well, so I’m pumped to be a junior on the team.