Q&A: Blake Dancer (12)


The bowling team smiles and proses with their Sectional title. The boys placed first at Sectionals and fifth at State.

Tabitha Pappas, Author

Q: How long have you been bowling?
A: I’ve been bowling since I was 3-years-old.

Q: What year did you begin in Lake Central’s bowling team?
A: My first year being on the Lake Central team was in 2013.

Q: How does it feel being your last year on Lake Central’s bowling team?
A: Considering the fact that this was my last year of bowling, it feels like it went by so fast and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m gonna miss it.

Q: How do you think the season went for the team?
A: The fact that we lost five seniors from last year, I think this season we did fantastic. Making it our 7th year in a row making it to State, [it] is a huge accomplishment for our coaches.

Q: Was there anything you could have improved on?
A: I personally think that I could of improved on my spare shooting a little bit better and having a better release.

Q:How do you feel state went?
Q: I feel like State is the most competitive tournament of the year and the hardest oil pattern of the year. We missed the top four stepladder by only 13 pins, but just our baker games could have been way better than what they were.

Q: What is something you will take away from from your experience?
A: I think from this experience I will always know that bowling on that team [was] about making more friends,meeting new people and [enjoying] what all of us love to do and watch, bowling.