Springing into march


300 dpi Eddie Thomas illustration of man “spring cleaning” his attitude about work. (Used with limited license: Minneapolis Star-Tribune/MCT)

Kaylynn Ward, Author

Start busting out those sunglasses and sandals because spring is coming very shortly. It’s a time to put away those winter coats and start preparing for break. Some students don’t  realize that this time of year can cause them to slack off on homework and deadlines to enjoy the nice weather. By taking advantage of these tips, students can be prepared for when the spring fever hits.

“I love spring break because it’s around the time of my birthday, so I get really excited,” Tabitha Burrink (11) said.

Start off the season with what some call “spring cleaning.” It’s a term used in many households when they start new habits to get rid of the bad ones. By starting off the second semester right by studying and preparing for class, once can be less stressed when break rolls around.

“I prepare [for spring break] by packing my suitcase and making sure I do all my homework. A good tool [to prepare] is making flashcards,” Cailee Mitchell (10) said.

Maintaining momentum can be hard for some, especially when the weather becomes warmer, days get longer and the sights are set on the end of the school year; but by trolling though the semester,one can beat the school blues. Instead of sitting indoors studying for midterms, take the study guides outside and find serenity in the backyard. It’s nicer to get a tan while studying rather than freeze from the air conditioner indoors.

“Hang in there and finish strong. I make sure I work hard and start the quarter out great,” Breeanna Campbell (10) said.

By following these tips and creating some will be more than prepared to relax before break. Just remember to relax, manage time and work to keep the momentum up because spring break is a time to have fun before finals arrive.