Feeling the heat


Isaac Beatty (9) sprints down the court with the ball in hand, attempting to help his team win the game. Beatty played on the JV team as a freshman and helped contribute to the team’s final score.

Justin Andrews

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, the JV boys basketball team was defeated by the Marquette Blazers with a close score of 61-59. Despite their efforts to pull through and come out on top, the team could not tie the score, leaving Marquette with the win.

When preparing for the game, the team underestimated their opponents. Halfway through the game, the team began to struggle, making it hard to make a comeback.

“We didn’t expect [the team] to be that big and quick. We adjusted late, but not really enough to win the game,” Jack Davis (9) said.

Starting the fourth and final period with a score of 50-42, Marquette in the lead, the boys tried their hardest to score during the seven minutes. The boys raised their score to 59 by the end, but it was not enough for them to steal the lead.

“We didn’t do good with our box-outs because they had too many offensive rebounds, and that’s what made us lose our game. [For our next game] we need to practice boxing out, that is our main goal and the one thing we don’t really do,” Justin Olesek (10) said.

The boys competed again on Friday, Feb. 26, at McCutcheon High School.