Lake Central Gymnastics takes on Hobart Brickies


Madison O’Drobinak (10) jumps from low to high bar during the gymnastics team’s meet at Hobart. The Indians beat the Brickies.

Joey Pavell, Author

On Tuesday Feb. 23, the gymnastics team competed at Hobart High School against the Hobart Brickies. The Indians beat the Brickies with their final score being 101.85.

“We did really well as a team. Everyone really stepped up. We wanted to beat [the Brickies], so we all tried our hardest,” Gabrielle DeVries (9) said.

The meet, which began at 6 p.m., marked the last dual meet of the season.

“I was glad to be done with [gymnastics] because I was so exhausted and tired, but now that we are done with Sectionals, I am like ‘Wow, now I don’t get to see everyone anymore,’” Madison Mullens (9) said.

The girls believed there were some problems throughout the meet, including inadequate equipment.

“The beam was really, really slippery and it was three inches. I fell a lot, since it was a skinnier beam. They also only had foam under their floor, which made things a whole lot harder,” Madison O’Drobinak (10) said.

The night before, the girls competed in the DAC, which added to the team’s fatigue.

“I was very tired and I thought I was going to pass out. I was proud of all of us for pushing through the whole meet [after] being so tired,” O’Drobinak said.

The girls also achieved some of their highest scores of the season.

“We broke 100 again. [Hobart] improved a lot, and we weren’t expecting them to be that strong this year. It was a very close meet,” Maya Tobin (11) said.