Never ‘board’ with helping the community


Mr. Rob James, Director of Business Services, addresses 2016 tax rates. Mr. James also addressed 2016 general obligations and bond resolutions, the public hearing and adoption of additional appropriation resolution and new donations for the school.

Lauren Wisniewski

The school board makes many of the major decisions concerning the school corporation, and their meetings are open to the public. The school board met on March 7 to discuss current issues.

“At board meetings we approve all of our policies and we approve anything that we need in our school system [in terms of] funding or anything in that sort. Recognitions are a big thing too,”  Mr. Don Bacso, Board Member, said.

The board began the meeting by discussing issues and checking for updates in committees at school. Afterward, the board recognized some of the theatre students for achieving high scores at their state competition.

“Tonight we recognized the thespians. We recognize other groups as well, [such as] the sports groups, the thespians, Spell Bowl, as well as other groups. [School] is not just education; we have so many other areas. Of course education is important, but we have to look at the arts because so many students focus on other things, so it’s nice to recognize other areas as well,” Mr. Basco said.

The board invited Ms. Dawn Swanson, Dean of Students from Bibich Elementary School, Ms. Jennifer Neal, Dean of Students from Peifer Elementary School, and Ms. Kelly Boersma, Dean of Students from Clark Middle School to present the new PERFECT Process for the elementary schools. PERFECT is an acronym meaning prove, explain, rewrite, find error and create a trick. The PERFECT Process will help younger students understand critical thinking and help them understand why answers are right or wrong.  

“I think the best aspect of the plan was that there is an acronym for students to be able to remember so they know what’s going on. I want kids to learn how to problem solve. I want kids to be able to read something and be able to rewrite the problem and know what they’re asking.  That’s what life is all about,” Mrs. Sandra Lessentine, Secretary, said.

The board proceeded to discuss new construction projects and business issues. Afterward, the board addressed public comments and proceeded to dismiss. The board typically meets twice a month, and the next meeting is April 4.

“When parents and community members ask questions and get involved [we make progress]. To be able to question the board and bring things up is [proactive]. That’s best for students. Whatever is best for the students is what we want to provide, so by having community members and parents and business partners [present] and having them know that we are educating our students to be ready to walk into those businesses is special,” Mrs. Lessentine said.