Scheduling Stress


Scheduling allows students to create an outline of their future for the following school year. Scheduling was open for students from Feb. 10 to March 11.

Lana Miramontes, Author

Deciding which classes to take next year can be stressful for students. The scheduling process allows students to organize their thoughts on how they will use their time next year and how the classes they chose will benefit them in the future.

“[Scheduling] totally stressed me out. It was so stressful because I’m worried about my time management for next year. Scheduling makes me nervous for the future because I feel that the classes I chose actually have an impact on my future for college,” Megan O’Donnell (10) said.

Students often choose classes based on what they plan to do with their education. If planned ahead, many students have the ability to take classes that allow them to finish most of their freshman year of college while in high school.

“I planned my schedule according to what would benefit me the most my freshman year of college. I’m going into business, most likely finance, so I took a couple business classes. Since I took the right classes, I’ll have most of my freshman year of college knocked out,” Jacob Zak (11) said.

Stress from scheduling may burden students but it also benefits them in the future. It creates an outline or a checklist based on what they need to accomplish to better their transcripts and college futures.

“I put a lot of science-based classes into my schedule because I’m looking at getting a degree in science when I graduate college. I just started planning my schedule according to what I want to do in my career this year,” Joseph Copeland (10) said.