Running into the first home meet


Nicholas Lucas (11) launches over the hurdles. The track meet was against Crown Point.

Jessica Cook

On Tuesday, March 8, the boy’s track team participated in their first home meet of the season. The meet took place against Crown Point and was located in the gymnasium.

“Being the first home meet of the season, I was nervous all day. When the gun shot at the beginning of the race, all my nerves went away and I just killed it,” Andre Lockett (10) said.

Lockett was one of the runners in the open 400. He achieved one of his quickest times during the meet, which he believed he received by hard work and dedication.

“In the open 400, I got 60 [seconds] flat which is pretty good for myself. I feel that I did amazing as I crushed my record tonight because I have been going to all the practices and going all out during them,” Lockett said.

The first meet at home brought neves to some of the players, making them not perform up to their personal standards. The players know what aspects to improve on before heading into their next meet.

“Being at home for the first time rattled a little bit which made us not throw as good as we usually can. Before our next meet, I think the whole team needs to focus on our gliding and getting strong,” Adam Lechowicz (12) said.

The next track meet will take place on Saturday, March 12, at Purdue University.