Calling all wrestlers


Coach Josh Morgan talks to students who are either already on the team or hope to be. Coach Morgan included multiple reminders for the seniors and encouraged them to attend the workouts.

Emily Lisac, Author

The boys wrestling callout meeting on Tuesday, March 8, invited not only incoming players, but students who were already part of the program. Coach Josh Morgan reminded students about the Winter Banquet on March 16 and introduced a new plan for the upcoming offseason.   

“[The callout meeting] was mostly for the offseason events or plans. Our offseason events have been absent in the past few years, so we are trying to incorporate new things here,” Coach Morgan said.

The new plan includes workouts and open mat time twice a week. There are also freestyle duals, located in Chesterton and Hanover, and a summer camp on June 13 through June 16.

“Having these open mats and these workouts a couple days a week all year is going to help them train [for the new season],” Coach Morgan said.

With all of the new practicing and training that will be taking place, the team is already setting  goals to improve their performance and win multiple championships throughout the season.  

“Our main goal all year is to win [a] Sectional championship [because] we came up a little short this year. That is always something we are striving for. We are always trying to get more kids to improve the program. We are [also] always looking to go to the State championship,” Coach Morgan said.