Traveling as a teen


Amanda Guerrero (10) poses for her picture. She explained her thoughts on traveling to various places and what each experience has taught her.

Brittney Howell

Amanda Guerrero (10) grew up in a family that loved to pursue one thing: traveling. She has been traveling since elementary school and does not intend on stopping anytime soon.

“I love to travel. I go every year with my family, and I am usually visiting more family when I get to our vacation,” Guerrero (10) said.

Every year, Amanda Guerrero travels to a new place with her family. She almost always travels by plane, and goes with her mom, dad and younger brother.

“Recently, I have been to the Bahamas, California, Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Michigan,” Guerrero said.

One of Guerrero’s goals is to travel to every state in the U.S. She also wants to go to various countries around the world.

“My favorite place I have gone to so far was the Bahamas. It was an island and [had a] tropical vibe, and I really like that vibe. My least favorite place to visit was Illinois. Illinois can get really boring after a while,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero has plans to travel to a new country this summer. She will travel with her family at the beginning of June.

“This summer, I will being traveling to Europe with my family and visiting distant relatives there. I’m really excited to be going to Europe for the first time. I hope to see a lot,” Guerrero said.