Q&A: Elise Smith (12)


Elise Smith (12) shows off her acceptance letter to Purdue University. Smith plans to go into pharmacy when she graduates college.

Lauren Davidson, Author

Q: How long have you known that you wanted to get into the pharmacy program at Purdue?

A: [I have known] since I was seven.

Q: When did you get accepted into Purdue?

A: [I was accepted] Feb. 19.

Q: What other colleges did you apply to and get accepted into?

A: [I got accepted into] Butler, University of Kentucky, Grand Valley State and Manchester.

Q: What made getting accepted into Purdue so much better than being accepted into the other colleges you applied for?

A: Purdue was my dream school.

Q: What do you think made your college application stand out compared to the other applications?

A: I wrote about sailing [in my essay] and that makes me an individual.

Q: What made you choose to go to Purdue?

A: Purdue [has] one of the best pharmacy programs in the area and everyone talks about going for pharmacy, [saying] you should go to Purdue. When I got in, I was extremely excited.

Q: What are you looking forward to most for college?

A: [I am looking forward to] becoming an adult and learning how to do things on my own.

Q: What are you most scared for going into the pharmacy program in Purdue?

A: [I am most scared about] being alone.

Q: What made you want to become a pharmacist?

A:  I love chemistry, and I love math. We took a career aptitude test in 7th grade, and it told me to become a pharmacist, so I just stuck with it.

Q: Are you following in the footsteps of any of your family members or friends?

A: My grandpa went to Purdue in the 1950s. I know a couple of people who went to Purdue for college, but I wouldn’t be following in their footsteps.