A package deal


Eco Chic is located at 425 Joliet Street in Dyer. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m to 8 p.m and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Photo submitted by: Trisha Caruso

Jennifer Chavarria

With prom right around the corner, girls everywhere are looking from store to store for the perfect dress. Eco Chic Boutique is a dress store located in Dyer, Ind., that offers quality dresses at an affordable price.

“We offer a beautiful boutique style atmosphere to shop in. Just because you are shopping previously owned dresses or clothing doesn’t mean you have to feel like it. [You can] shop designer labels without the price. We put fun and affordable back in fashion,” Trisha Caruso said.

This boutique is often a hotspot, especially around big events like Prom and Winter Formal. Whether you are selling a dress or buying one, Eco Chic can fulfill all your needs.

“It had a lot of dresses to choose from that were good quality and for a cheaper price than you would find at a regular store. If you go to multiple dances, it’s nice not spending a lot on one dress. I know for Prom, I’m planning on shopping there again and selling my old dresses,” Kelly Joy (11) said.

At Eco Chic, not only are customers able to purchase designer dresses at a low price but they are giving back as well. A percentage of the purchases will be donated to the Lake Central Education Foundation, an organization that helps support educational experiences not purchased through the normal school budget. This offer ends today.

“For every dress sold by March 16 to Lake Central students, we are giving 10 percent of that sale to the Teachers Education Fund. Our boutique offers organizations ways to raise funds for their particular cause. It’s our way of giving back,” Caruso said.

Hearing about this through LCTV, students are responding positively to the offer. It is beneficial to everyone.

“I think it’s a really good idea that they’re giving back some of their purchases to the Lake Central Education Foundation because a lot of girls here go there for Prom and Formal, and we give a lot to them so it’s nice that they give back to us,” Hannah Souronis (11) said.