A magical Spring Break


Erin Plenus (10) poses in front of Cinderella’s castle in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla. Plenus visited Disney World for the first time over Spring Break.

Emily Mannino

Spring Break is a time to rejuvenate for the last quarter of the school year. During the weeklong break, Erin Plenus (10) took the opportunity to visit somewhere new.

“I love Spring Break as long as I’m going somewhere warm or going anywhere at all. It gives us a break from all the mayhem and drama that went on before the break,” Plenus said.    

A very popular vacation spot is Florida. A destination that many people come to visit is the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla.

“I cried when I found out I was going to Disney. I was so excited because I have been begging my parents for like 12 years straight,” Plenus said.    

  Walt Disney World consists of separate theme parks that are all a close distance from each other. Disney World itself is all connected in some way. People are able to get to all of the parks and attractions by many means of transportation including bus, monorail, ferry boat and car.

“My favorite park was Magic Kingdom because that’s what I pictured in my head as Disney,” Plenus said.

  All of the theme parks have a variety of rides and shows. All of the attractions are themed or based off a Disney movie or character.

“I am glad I got to go back for a second day that week. I don’t think the first day was enough, so going back made the trip better,” Plenus said.

 Disney World is a very magical place that allows people of all ages to explore the fictional world of Disney.

“Going on this trip with my best friend and her family made it really special. I can’t wait to hopefully go back to Disney to do more of the attractions there,” Plenus said.