Prank or be pranked


April Fool’s Day is celebrated annually on April 1. Thousands of people participated in April Fool’s Day shenanigans.

Rhea Chhokar

April Fool’s Day is either the best or worst day for someone. It’s that day of the year you can get away with pulling pranks or cracking jokes on friends, family or even enemies.

“[The best practical joke would be] taking a shampoo bottle, emptying it and replacing it with ink.

I’ve seen it done in so many movies that I’ve always wanted to do that,” Tori Ulloa (12) said.

April Fool’s Day has been around for over 100 years. The holiday is mostly celebrated by pranking someone.

“I blew up a whole bunch of balloons and filled my mom’s car with them. She was so mad. It was so funny,” Melanie Stepanovic (12) said.

On this day, one can either be the one pranking or get pranked.

“My sister thought it would be funny to wake me up pouring a bucket of ice cold water on my face,” Autumn Zendzian (12) said.