Q&A: Claire Gronek (10)


Claire Gronek (10) poses for the camera. She is on the varsity girls tennis team and has been playing tennis for four years.

Morgan Grudzien

Q: How long have you been doing tennis?

A: I have been doing tennis for four years.

Q: Why did you join?

A: I joined because I injured myself in gymnastics, so then I wanted to do a different sport and I chose tennis.

Q: Do you travel or do tournaments?

A: Yes, we do travel.

Q: How far did you travel?

A: The farthest we went was Highland which isn’t really that far at all.

Q: What is your favorite part?

A: I like being with the team and it’s really fun to play against other people [who] challenge you.

Q: How often do you practice?

A: We have practice every day after school and on Saturdays.

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming season?

A: I am excited. We have a lot of big goals and we are hoping to accomplish them.

Q: Are you on JV or varsity?

A: I am on varsity.

Q: Are you and your teammates close?

A: We are like a family. I love the teammates and the coaches.