On the Right Track


The competitors prepare to run as the signal shot is fired. The meet took place on Friday, April 1.

Liz Bustamante

It was no “April Fools” that the girls track team showed Munster, Andrean and Morton that their team is not one to be messed with this year. On Friday, April 1, the girls track team held their first outdoor track meet against the three schools as an opportunity to see where the four schools fall in rank. Although no official score was kept, Mr. Ron Fredrick, English, kept count, which proved the Lady Indians would have won.  

“I think we did really good; a lot of us are starting to get a lot better. You can just tell the difference from the start of the season,” Meghan Long (9) said.  

This meet proved different than previous meets, since the other home meets were held in the indoor track.  

“Our indoor track is actually messed up. It’s not the right measurements, so they don’t really know how many laps and all that, so I think that was a big factor. Having so many turns also makes your times slower,” Ellie Keith (11) said.

Not only was this the first outdoor meet of the girls’ season, but it was also the first meet on the newly-built track. The new track reaps many benefits for the team.  

“The new track is really nice, I really like it. I especially love the turf. That’s the best part – just having the turf for our warm ups and our dynamics,” Keith said.  

The track has special advantages for those who compete in the pole vault and in the long jump.  

“For long jump and for pole vault, they have it to where you can put the pit in a direction depending on the wind, so you don’t have to jump against the wind,” Long said.  

The next track meet will take place next Tuesday, April 12, at Lake Central.