Overcoming the odds


Mia Brann, Author

Music blared through the speakers, welcoming the fans, as the softball players prepared themselves for the April. 5  game. The varsity girls played on the astro-turf field, while the JV team was found at the end of a muddy path on the last and final field. This older field, being smaller and dusty, was not nearly as desirable to be running around on while the wind whipped and the temperature dropped, but the JV girls’ efforts were far from hindered when the faced off against the Portage Indians at home.

“I think we played well. I had one good hit, but got nothing in the outfield. The hardest thing tonight was dealing with the cold and still making good plays,” Amanda Noblett (10) said.

A stalemate began the game. Neither team seemed to take the lead. Jessica Kiefor (10) was the first to bring home a run for either team.

“I’d say the competition is pretty good. The best part of the game was getting the first lead, but we [could improve on] better pitch selection,” Jaidyn Brown (9) said.

The girls held Portage, giving them little leeway. With the sky darkening and the game coming into the home stretch, the Indians were not ready to give in. At the end of the night, the last ones still playing were the girls on the JV softball team on the last field all the way at the end of the path. The Indians took a clean sweep, winning by a score of 6-3.