JV Girls softball defeats Lowell


The softball team chants the Indian cheer. The girls beat Lowell 12 to 2.

Courtney Rhomberg

On Thursday April 14, the JV softball team faced the Lowell Devils.The girls beat Lowell with a final score of 12-2.

“We expected to win. Our biggest asset is probably our hitting.  As long as we stayed positive and loud in the dugout we would win the game,” Jessica Kiefor (10) said.

The team worked together as a system and created a bond with each other as the innings went on.

“On the field, we had a lot of communication so we knew what the play was and what was going on. We mesh well together. We don’t form cliques during practice, and we always stay together,” Kiefor said.

The girls’ offense kept them in the lead, helping them score six runs the second inning.

“We each got hit after hit, [but] none of us tried hitting a home run. We did our job and got on base to put ourselves in scoring position. We had the momentum after we started scoring, and we carried that on the field to make the plays and shut them down,” Kiefor said.

As the season is just coming into full swing, the girls will continue to practice and continue their winning streak with the hopes of winning conference.

“I’m excited to win our conference maybe and to win as many games as we can,” Sarah Santana (10) said.