Q&A: Niji Shah (12)


Joey Pavell, Author

Q: What is HUM Culture Night?

A: HUM Night is a Hindu cultural night. Basically, we all go to a banquet hall and we celebrate our culture with food, music, arts and henna. It is all about us in America while still maintaining our Indian culture.

Q: What is the significance of HUM Culture Night?

A: The significance of HUM Night is spreading our Indian culture to a lot of non-Indians; we celebrate that even though most of us were born in America, we are still intact with our culture.

Q: How long have you been participating in HUM Culture Night?

A: HUM Night is only for high schoolers, so I have been participating the past four years. This is my last time.

Q: How does it feel to be performing in HUM Culture Night for the last time?

A: It is really sad because it is super fun to engage in our culture and it is so fun when our friends from school come and support us. For it to be our last time, it is really sad but I am excited for the future.

Q: How can someone get a ticket for HUM Culture Night and how much longer will they be on sale?

A: Tickets are $10 and they will be on sale until [April] 30. You can come find me or anyone else participating to purchase a ticket.