Pay like a girl


Concept art of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. (Used with limited license: Women on 20s/TNS)

Cami Wallace, Author

On Wednesday, April 20, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew reported Harriet Tubman to be the new face of the $20 bill. The new bill will not feature Andrew Jackson, the previous face of the bill.

“I think it’s a great change to make, changing the face of our currency from someone who was a known slaveholder and is responsible for the slaughter of countless Native Americans. Whether or not you believe he was a bad person, it can do no harm to change from someone who was responsible for those things to changing to someone who is responsible for saving lives. It’s really more connected with the movements that are coming to be more important in today’s society. I feel that anyone who is against that change is against change itself because there is truly no reason to why Andrew Jackson is a better person,” Abigail Keith (12) said.

Controversy has sparked that Harriet Tubman was not the best female candidate to stand alone.

“I think [Harriet Tubman] is absolutely a good choice. Obviously there are a lot of influential women in our history who have been underappreciated or unknown. Having someone on there that combines overcoming both racial and sexist obstacles is great,” Keith said.

Although some believe it to be a breakthrough, others find it to be unnecessary.

“I just don’t like it. There are so many more deserving people. There is already two people on big bills that helped end slavery. There’s just so many better people. Harriet Tubman just did stuff slaves could do on their own. In my opinion, no one could have stopped slavery like Lincoln or Grant did,” David McKinney (11) said.