Mrs. Sandy Hobbs, Music


The choir sings to Mrs. Sandy Hobbs, Music. The last concert directed by Mrs. Hobbs will be on May 5. Photo by Kylie Thomsen.

Paige Szymczak, Author

Q: How long have you been at Lake Central?

A: [I have been] teaching altogether 33 years, and at Lake Central 25 [years].

Q: Are you going to miss teaching here at LC?

A: The kids have been my whole life. I look at them not as a teacher, but as my own kids. Walking into the building and seeing the kids every day, that’ll be the hardest part [about leaving].

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching and leading a class?

A: My favorite part about teaching is watching the kids grow and seeing when they don’t need me anymore. We always talk about them being able to do it without me, then I know my job has been done. The kids could do the concert by themselves. I will direct a few of the performances, but the older kids can do it on their own.

Q:What will you not miss about teaching at LC?

A: I will never miss riding another school bus. [There is] horrendous weather during competition season.

Q:What got you interested in music and started in your career?

A: [Music] is all I ever wanted to do. My parents started me in piano lessons when I was four years old and I was always in band and choir. I was the band director before choir. All the side roads you take along the way I enjoy. I got my masters and studied in France for three summers. I also was given the opportunity to go to Japan, China and Italy with education grants. Bringing everything back to your students is what I like because it keeps things fresh.

Q: Will you continue to be involved in music?

A: I’m only leaving the public schools, [so I am not stopping completely]. I still play in a symphony in Chicago.

Q:How would you describe your experience?

A: I ended up accomplishing more than I thought. There has been okay and good years, but this year is phenomenal. I have had a riot through the years with all the [different] kids. I think there has only been three “not so good years” out of my total of 33.

Q: What will your  last concert be like?

A: Our last concert is going to be awesome. We designed shirts that will have their name under contestant on the front. It is May 5 and it is called “LC Idol: The Finale.”