Feeling the pressure


Vivian Pham, 20, helps a customer during her summer job as an associate at Yogurtland in Huntington Beach, Calif. A second-year student at Golden West College, she didn’t work during high school as her mom encouraged her to focus on her studies and sports during school instead of working. (Used with limited license: Kevin Sullivan/Orange County Register/MCT)

Lana Miramontes, Author

For many students, summer is a time to earn a little extra money and gain experience. As the end of the school year rolls around the corner, teenagers search for jobs that will suit them and that are willing to hire a high school student.

“Finding a job this time of year is challenging because tons of kids are applying to numerous businesses. It’s also common to find that businesses that are looking to hire people who are 18 years or older; being a sophomore, that makes finding a job more difficult for me,” Margaret Sablich (10) said.

Teenagers seek for jobs not only to earn money for themselves, but to give back to their family. As high school years pass, teenagers realize that college can be strenuous on their parents, and they would like to contribute to their future schooling.

“Now that I am almost done with sophomore year, I feel more pressured to get a job so that I can help my parents pay for college expenses,” Joseph Copeland (10) said.

Whatever the reason for getting a job may be, students find that they are more pressured to find a job as summertime approaches. Whether seeking for a little extra money to spend for themselves or to give back to their parents, teenagers are working hard to become employed and keep busy this summer.