Pandemonium prom prep


Emily Badger

Students who are attending prom want to make sure the night is perfect, so many take preparation for the big night seriously. For some, however, preparing for prom can be a less-than-perfect process.

“Getting ready [for prom] was not easy. First, [my group] had to make sure we all bought our tickets on time. One of my friends didn’t buy a ticket until there were only 40 left, so it was stressful making sure he got [his ticket] before it was too late,” Gavin Baisa (11) said.

Part of what can account for the stress is figuring out if you want to take a date.

“Originally, I was taking one of my friends as date, but then my other friend didn’t have a date and wanted to take [my date], so then I didn’t have one. [Eventually], I got my date back, but then I had to figure out who my friend would take,” Baisa said.

Despite the chaos that goes into getting ready for prom, most believe that once the night is here, it will be worth it.

“I still think prom is going to be fun, even though getting ready for it wasn’t an easy process. I can’t wait,” Baisa said.