Mixed promposal opinions


Mohammed Hijaz (11) and Samantha McCuaig (11) stand behind the sign Hijaz made to ask McCuaig to Prom. Hijaz had shot ping pong balls labeled, “Prom?” to her using air trajectory. Photo submitted by Mohammed Hijaz (11)

Elena Gorney, Author

Prom is quickly approaching and many Prom attendees have already executed their “promposals” to ask a friend or significant other to Prom. However, students have mixed opinions on the gesture.

“Promposals are really awkward. Unless it’s actually a surprise, like you didn’t have a date, didn’t plan on going and somebody [asks] out of nowhere, ‘Oh you wanna go to Prom?’ you [usually] already know that you’re going with somebody,” Julia DelSangro (12) said.

However, others see promposals as a fun way to do something nice for or surprise someone else.

“I think for girls it’s exciting to be asked in a creative way, rather than just being asked to Prom [in normal conversation],” Rachel Gross (12) said.

There are endless ways to ask someone to Prom and students have invented entertaining ways to “prompose” this year.

“I lit a poster on fire. I put, ‘Prom would be lit with you,’ on a poster and lit it on fire,” Jason Swetlik (12) said.

One student decided on a unique, scientific approach to asking a friend to Prom.

“I settled on using air trajectory from my Science Olympiad competition to shoot ping pong balls labeled, ‘Prom?’ at her. I had to arrange this first thing after school and get her to line up at the opposite side of the building at the right time. It worked. She goes up the stairs, we shoot the ping pong balls at her and I’m standing behind her with the sign ready,” Mohammed Hijaz (11) said.

With Prom being held on May 7, students are running out of time to “prompose” to a friend or significant other, if they please. However, Prom can be a fun experience whether going with a friend, significant other or group.