Double Danger


Jackson Long (10) stands with other homecoming court nominees during the homecoming game. Long was one of the Sophomore nominees that teachers voted for.

Austin Sandoval

Jackson Long (10) is a two sport athlete for Lake Central who goes through the struggle of balancing school, family and sports.

“I play middle linebacker for football and for track I throw shot and discus,” Long said.

Learning to balance everything going on his his life along with playing for LC has been a learning experience throughout his high school career.

“It’s a big responsibility but you grow with it and you learn to balance your time well. It’s all about time management. You really just have to find time between practice, life and school,” Long said.

Long knows the struggles of operating under a tight schedule. However, he has learned how to overcome the obstacles of this tight timetable.”

“I go to practice, then I come home and take a good two hour nap. After that, I get all my homework done. I’m usually up pretty late, and usually go to bed around 11 [p.m.] or 12 [p.m.],” Long said.

Long has played football for the Indians since his freshman year. This is his first year playing on the track team.

“Football is my main sport. I grew up playing it and track is just a first year thing for me now. I’m glad I found a spot on the team. I was throwing varsity in four weeks,” Long said.

In the end of the day, Long has his priorities in order. Family always takes the utmost precedence.

“Family comes first. After that would be school and then sports,” Long said.