Q&A: Sarthak Agarwal (12)


Sarthak Agarwal (12) receives the Academic All-Star Award, alongside Mr. Sean Begley, Principal, Mrs. Karottki and Mr. Kendal Smith, Science. Aggarwal was placed in the top 40 from 284 schools based on his GPA, test scores, classes and extracurricular activities.

Gianna Mills

Q: How did you get the Academic All-Star Award?

A: Basically almost every high school in Indiana picks one top deserving student to be nominated for the award based on having the highest GPA and test scores. This year, there were 284 nominees from 284 schools. I was LC’s nomination. From 284 top students from around the state, the top 40 are selected based on GPA, test scores, classes, extracurricular activities and basically everything else. These students are the Indiana Academic All-Stars.

Q: When did you receive it?

A: I was notified of my selection in early March but received the actual award on April 26 at a banquet in Indianapolis with the other Academic All-Stars and distinguished guests.

Q: Who was there to receive it with you?

A: Mr. [Sean] Begley came as the principal and Mrs. Karottki from Grimmer and Mr. [Kendall Smith, Science,] came as my most influential educators. My father also attended.

Q: What was your initial reaction?

A: It was really cool to be awarded with such a high honor. At first it didn’t really hit me, but when I read through the letter and saw I was in the top 40 from the whole state, it felt like all my hard work through high school was being honored and I felt a sense of happiness and pride.