JV Softball dominates Michigan City Wolves


Girls from the JV softball team congratulate each other. The girls felt that their season went exceptionally well.

Joey Pavell

On Tuesday, May 17, the JV girls softball team went against the Michigan City Wolves in their second to last game of the regular season. The girls dominated the Wolves, coming out victorious with a final score of 11-1.

“Pitching was the same that we have basically seen all year; this particular game was a pretty easy game for us,” Nichole Padilla (9) said.

Ultimately, the girls worked well together throughout the game.

“I think we played really well; we definitely hit the ball the best. It was a pretty smooth game overall,” Sarah Santana (10) said.

As well as playing the game, the girls made sure to put an emphasis on positive reinforcement throughout the game.

“I think the biggest thing that game was that we were really working on our cheering in the dugout. I think that is what really helps us get better,” Jessi Kiefor (10) said.

Since this game was their second to last game of their regular season, the team was able to reflect on their accomplishments as individuals and as a whole.


“I think we did really well [as a team]. I think that we did a lot better situationally [this season]; we were definitely less selfish in the batter’s box,” Kiefor said.