Another year in the books


Brandon Hernandez (11) signs a yearbook. The new spring distribution of Quiver allowed students to bring back the tradition of signing yearbooks.

Ruth Chen

Teenagers in blue shirts scurried around. The lively chatter of students and music permeated the atmosphere. Students posed for pictures by the photobooth, and a colorful array of balloons filled the hallways of Main Street. It wasn’t a party, but it was yearbook distribution day.

On Tuesday, May 17, after months of arduous work, the Publications staff finally had the chance to distribute yearbooks to the rest of the student body.

“I was really proud when I saw the book for the first time. You see the pages when you check them, but you never really know what they look like when you see them off of a computer screen. I think they looked really good; they turned out really great. Seeing it all together made me realize all the hard work that was put into it finally came into one,” Madeline Hirschfield (12), Co-Yearbook Editor in Chief, said.

Students and staff alike were pleased with the result.

“I got a yearbook because I like to have the memories of the year in one place. It is really nice to have pictures of things you might not have seen before,” Hannah Souronis (11) said.

A contrast from the past yearbook distributions, this year’s yearbook was released in the spring.

“This was the first year for a spring distribution so there was definitely a lot of planning that went into it. All the students and staff really appreciated it and had a great time. I’m really grateful to have been part of the first spring distribution,” Joey Pavell (12), Co-Yearbook EIC, said.

Despite the newness of the situation, yearbook distribution was carried out seamlessly.

“I think yearbook distribution was very organized. [Ms. Carrie Wadycki and Mrs. Sarah Verpooten, English,]organized it really well to where people would just get their yearbook and have a good time with the music, the balloons and the photo booths. I think it got more people noticing the book so that more people will buy it for next year. I think it has been one of the best yearbook distributions we have had because it isn’t just boring handing people books and it was a celebration,” Hirschfield said.