Q&A: Erini Collaros (12)


Erini Collaros (12) won the Lake Central Theater Company’s Pride of the Tribe award. The award is referred to as the lifetime achievement award for the company. Photo submitted by: Erini Collaros

Candace Jarzombek, Author

Q: What award did you earn and how?

A: It’s the Pride of the Tribe award. I guess it’s kind of like MVP in a way.Throughout the years in the company I just tried to do as many things as possible. I’ve been an actor, technician and director.

Q: What was your initial reaction when you received it?

A: I was extremely surprised. I wasn’t actually sure who they were describing until the end when [Mrs. Pamela Neth, English], spoke of a girl who came to strike in a sundress.

Q: How did it feel to be honored for all of the time and commitment you put into theater?

A: It felt really good to see that my work was noticed and appreciated, but now I wish that my years with the company didn’t have to end.

Q: Is there a tradition you want to leave with the theater company?

A: [I started] the lipstick techie girl tradition. I passed [it] down. [The person I passed it to] will pass on to a junior next year.