Class of 2016 Commencement


Caps are thrown in the air as the graduation ceremony concludes. Cheers filled the gymnasium as the students celebrated their success and entry to the next chapter of their lives.

Sofia Hay

Lake Central’s 751-person class of 2016 gathered in the gymnasium to participate in the bittersweet commencement ceremony on Wednesday, May 25. The ceremony was filled with tears, smiles and excitement toward what the future has in store for the graduating class.

“[Graduating] is really exciting because you’re moving on with life, but at the same time I feel nostalgic because you look back and see what you’ve accomplished. I’m looking forward to [having] freedom, the ability to study what I want and the opportunity to make more friends in college,” Samantha McCuaig (12) said.

Others feel more nostalgic about their time at Lake Central.

“Somehow, it feels like these four years have gone by really fast but really slowly at the same time. I still have very vivid memories from freshman year. I’m going to miss all the friendships that I made and all the wonderful teachers that I’ve had over the years,” Jovana Dodevska (12) said.

Speeches were delivered by Brittany Busby (12), Eva Kimberly (12), Sean Meyer (12), Eva Elmalh (12) and Principal Sean Begley.  All speakers shared words of wisdom for the 2016 graduates.

“Your time as an LC student comes to an end tonight. Your life is calling, go answer the call. I know I speak for everyone in this gym tonight when I say you will do great things, and we all are so proud of you. Class of 2016, all the best,” Mr. Begley said.