150 years of celebration


Riders outstretch their arms as they soar through the air. The hang glider was very popular in the past years of the festival.

Mia Brann, Author

This year is the 150th anniversary of the Schererville Festival and people are welcome to come celebrate during the weekend of June 15-19 at Redar Park.

 People flocked from all directions to witness the extravagant sights, sounds and tastes of the renowned Schererville Fest.

“The Schererville Fest has a lot of culture and really brings the town together for a good time,” Dylan Foster (11) said.

The festival is home to rides, food, games and live music. The bands playing this year are Fresh Hops, Final Say, Mr. Funnyman, Chris and Lou, the Unstoppables, the Kritters and the Crawpuppies.

“My favorite part about Fresh Hops [the Wednesday night band] was the fact you could get up and dance to them. They really worked the crowd and made it fun to be around everyone. The crowd shouted encore, and they actually did one,” Lauren Davidson (11) said.

There are attractions for all ages, and the festival is a big hit for high school students during their summer break.

“I like the live music at Schererville Fest and buying a wristband to go on rides is always fun,” Rebecca Ashby (11) said.