Greek Fest ends with a bang


A girl leads a Greek ethnic dance during her group’s performance at Greek Fest. A group from Merrillville had their junior and senior groups perform dances, then the dancers each picked a member from the audience to join them.

Stefan Krajisnik, Author

With bright fireworks illuminating a dark, stormy sky, the 2016 St. George Greek Fest came to an end on Sunday, July 17. After a four-day event filled with food, rides and dancing, the fun came to an end on a very rainy note. The weather, however, did not stop people of all cultures from coming together to experience the Greek lifestyle.

“The St. George Greek Fest is one of many fests that brings various people from different cultures together. The fest offers many rides for the kids to enjoy, as well as many delicious foods for the adults to try. Festivals such as these display the great pride people have for their culture,” Brandon Hernandez (12) said.

The fest, held on 77th Avenue in Schererville, Ind. has become a yearly event for some families and friends and brings out the best moods from people. For most it is a way to step out of everyday life and experience the life of the Mediterranean culture.

“My favorite parts about Greek fest are the music, food and fireworks. Greek music is similar to Serbian music, and it is great to dance to. The firework show on Sunday is always a sight to see. I like going to the fest every year because it’s a tradition with me and my friends, and Greek culture is really interesting and unique,” Ana Zanza (12) said.