25 years of Lollapalooza


Fans stand and listen to X Ambassadors at the Samsung stage. This was the biggest stage.

Jacki Hoffman

Every summer a music festival called Lollapalooza is held in Grant Park and this summer was the festival’s 25th year. Because it was Lollapalooza’s 25th birthday, there was an extra day added on to the original three.

“I loved the extra day. I was exhausted by the end, but three days wouldn’t have been enough for me and my friends to get the complete experience,” Kelly Orze (12) said.

There were a variety of activities to do while at the festival. Some festival-goers relaxed, while others jammed to the music.

“Being front row for Slumberjack, dancing and having the security guards throw water at us was definitely my favorite part [of attending Lollapalooza],” Jordyn Boecker (12) said.

Besides dancing and singing, festival-goers also relaxed and enjoyed the food.

“When [my friends and I] weren’t trying to get the closest for our favorite artists, we’d get food or find shade to sit in and cool off for a little bit,” Orze said.

While at Lollapalooza, people could visit the surrounding tents filled with shops and buy souvenirs, but there were also opportunities to bring home free souvenirs.

“I got five free pairs of sunglasses, a bandana, my arm marbled, a fanny pack, a flashlight and a t-shirt from filling out surveys,” Boecker said.

Lollapalooza has been rained-out in previous years, and people who were attending the festival were worried that it would be rained-out again.

“The weather for the first two days was off and on raining, but it felt really good. My group was really worried the park would be evacuated because [there was bad lightning], but it wasn’t. The last two days were completely sunny and hot though,” Olivia Kelly (12) said.

Although many festival-goers decided to attend Lollapalooza in groups, there were many couples who went as well.

“I went with my girlfriend and it was the best. It was awesome because we both got to listen to good music and be with each other. It was kind of scary, though, because I was worried about losing her in the crowd,” Logan Rechlicz (12) said.

If you missed any performances they are available at redbull.com.