Saint Mike’s Parish Festival


McKenna Strayer (11) and Erin Pleuntes (11) help the frog game. Strayer and Pleuntes stayed at the fest later in the evening.

Paityn Emro, Author

On Friday, Aug. 5 to Saturday, Aug. 6, Saint Michael’s Parish in Schererville hosted its annual fun fest. Church members and friends gathered in the parking lot for all the activities the fun fest offered, including a live band to which people danced to.

“I loved being able to dance with my friends because the bands were killer,” Claire Gronek (11) said.

Dancing was a huge hit both nights. People from all over the region came to see the band, to dance and to have fun with family and friends.

“I [went to the fun fest] because I like to support my church and see my friends, but my favorite part was dancing with all my friends,” Gunnar Richardson (12) said.

Some of the church members volunteered to help out around the fest.

“I like helping around my church and I liked seeing all the little kids’ faces when they won a prize,” Payton Sanders (11) said.