Starting the year off on a good note


The Performing Arts Wing is home to the band, choir and theater department. The Performing Arts Wing opened in 2015.

Jennifer Chavarria, Author

The band and choir students are no strangers to change. With a new auditorium and Performing Arts Wing, they have the tools necessary to create successful performances. However, both classes experienced a change that was shocking: the departure of band director Chris Harmon and the retirement of Sandy Hobbs.

“I don’t think [having new directors] is going to affect anything. It’s going to be a little bit different, but we have a strong program and the [students] didn’t change. It’s just going to be a new director, we’ll be fine,” Adam Gustas (12) said.

Chris Harmon, who has been with the Lake Central Tribe of Pride for over a decade, has been replaced by David Nelson, former assistant director of the band. Many are excited about this new change.

“[Mr.] Nelson is so lenient. It’s definitely a more positive environment, which is what [Mr. Nelson] is really striving for,” Megan O’Donnell (11) said.

The retirement of Mrs. Hobbs was bittersweet. Many will remember the work she has done over the years. Mr. Nathaniel Jones, the new choir director, has already started making changes to benefit the program.

“The other day in class, [Mr. Jones] had us do this warm-up, and he added different voices at different times. We were all one big choir at the end [and] it was super cool,” Gustas said.

With a start of a new school year, change is certain to come. The marching band will be performing at half-time at this Friday’s football game, and the choir should have a concert once every nine weeks.