Q&A: Claire Hickey (10)

Danica Mileusnic, Author

Q:  When did you start playing hockey, and why did you start playing?

A:  [I’ve been playing] since I was 6 years old. My brother played hockey, and I found it interesting.

Q:  What position do you play?

A:  [I play] right or left wing

Q:  What are your stats?

A:  Last season I completed with 103 points, 83 goals and 20 assists.

Q:  How were you selected to be a member of the national team?

A:  There was a district tryout in Ohio, and I made the cuts to make the team.  

Q:  What’s it like being part of the national team?

A:  It’s so fun. I met a lot of people there. It is a camp, and we play once a year together for one week.

Q:  How often do you practice?

A:  I practice on ice twice a week and practice four times a week off ice.

Q:  How often do you travel, and does this ever conflict with your school work?

A:  I travel for six weekends, so I have to miss a lot of Fridays at school.  

Q:  How do you balance hockey with school?

A:  I try to focus on both, but school always comes first.

Q:  Have you gotten college offers, or have you committed to a school?

A:  I’m currently talking to two division one schools [including] a college in Maine, a college in Minnesota and also two prep schools.

Q:  Would you ever consider going professional?

A:  Yes, there is a league in the northern part of the United States and one in southern Canada.  It would be really cool to be able to play [professionally].

Q:  What is the most interesting thing about hockey?

A:  [The most interesting thing about hockey] is meeting new people and having that team environment.