Q&A with Jessica Howell (12)

Taylor Lykowski

Q: How many colleges did you apply for? What were they?

A: I applied to Purdue, Indiana University, Ball State and Indiana State.

Q: Which college would you most like to attend? Why?

A: Most likely, I would like to go to Ball State. I went on an amazing tour of the campus in the summer. All of the activities there look like so much fun, and I can really connect with the environment.

Q: How long did it take you to fill out an application?

A: It took me about two and a half hours to fill out an application, but I still have to send out my transcripts.

Q: Are there any fees to apply?

A: It’s about $55 to apply, but this fluctuates with different colleges. [The price] just depends on which ones [colleges]  you apply for.

Q: What are looking forward to experiencing in college? What are you scared for?

A: I am excited to meet new people, and also to be more independent. All in all, I am scared to lose my friends from high school. I’ve known some of my friends since sixth grade, and it’s going to be hard if we all go to different colleges.

Q: Will you miss high school?

A: I will somewhat miss high school. It was a fun experience, but the work was difficult.

Q: What is your advice for students who will be applying for colleges in the future?

A: My advice for students is to prepare [for college]; it will come sooner than you think. Have fun, make mistakes and don’t forget to do your homework.