Game changer with 51 seconds left


The varsity football team enters the field loud and proud with the American flag in hand. Their team had their kick-off after the parade.

Cherylynn Gholson

Lincoln-Way Central’s varsity football team faced head-to-head against the Indians on Aug. 26. The score in the fourth quarter was 21-17, with the Indians leading. The game was a close call until 51 seconds before the end of the game, when Lincoln-Way scored a touchdown?, making the final score 24-21.

“I thought we played hard, but at the end of the day, we didn’t come away with a win. We are disappointed, but we will move on. This loss will be good for us down the road,”  Offensive Line Coach Pat Winters, English, said.

The boys did not earn a victory, but they know a loss can motivate themselves to practice harder and play better next time.

“This is a good learning experience for me, being so young and inexperienced. I think we needed a loss earlier in the season. It will help us moving forward,” Zach Bundalo (10) said.

The team can use their loss to add fuel to their fire when they play at Portage High on Friday Sept. 2.