Student perspectives on Katie Ledecky

Mikaela Paniagua

Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky has crushed her old world record for the 800 meter Freestyle, with a time of 8:04.79. She won her fourth gold and has contributed greatly to the amount of medals the United States currently holds.  

“[Ledecky] is really talented and holds a lot of world records. She’s 19, and she is the youngest [swimmer] on the United States team. The coach said that she hasn’t even reached her full potential. She has broken a lot of world records, and she was even in first place for qualifying. I believe that Katie and Michael Phelps are the best [representatives of the United States] because they are really good at their sport,” Tyler Domingo (10) said.

For her qualification time, Ledecky dominated the Olympic record. She placed first with a time of 8:12.86 and she dropped a total of eight seconds off of her original time.

“I think [Ledecky] is [an inspiration to young girls] because no one in the world has gone faster than her in the 800 meters, and she is winning Olympic medals at age 19, and is still destroying her own records,” Keegan Baisa (10) said.