Q&A: Kayla Carlson (10)

Ashley Robinson, Author

Q:What sport do you play?

A: I play softball.

Q: What position do you play on the field?

A: [I am] mainly a catcher, but also [I play] first base and some outfield; It just depends on where they need me.

Q: Do you play softball in school or out of school?

A: I play both in and out of school. I play in school during the spring, which is March to the beginning of June. Travel-ball is year-round.

Q: Why do you feel motivated to get good grades?

A: I feel motivated to get good grades because I want to go to a good college, and I’m always thinking about the future. It’s a competition to me, so I feel like I have to do my best.

Q: How do you balance your classes?

A: I try to set time aside to do my homework, which usually doesn’t work [out] so well, but in general I try to make sure I do certain class’ homework on certain days so I don’t get behind.

Q: Do you ever have any free time? If so, how do you spend it?

A: I have a lot of free time, surprisingly, and I usually read or relax and listen to music.

Q: What is your advice to incoming student athletes?

A: My advice would be to not get involved in too [many activities]. If you play multiple sports, I would try to focus on one [of the sports] because it is a lot to do. But if you want to [play multiple sports], just be ready for a lot of homework to do on the side, and be sure to manage your time.