The first serve of the season

Madison Mullens, Author

On Wednesday, Aug. 24, the boys tennis team faced off against Highland, one of their biggest rivals, and toughest competitors.  

“Highland is similar in strength to us. They are a good bench test because of this.  Usually our matches are always very close,” Ricky Larson (12) said.

The team has been practicing hard for their most difficult matches since the summer.  They are hoping to do very well this season.

“I didn’t know what was going to come out of it, but I was ready to put my body to work.” Douglas Devries (12) said.

The coaches decided to move up Spero Vrehas (12) and Noah Meyer (12) , a higher level JV doubles team, to play their first varsity match together.

“It [was] our first match playing varsity,and it’s a little more [of a] high-paced game, so it’s good to get that kind of feel for future matches,” Spero Vrehas (12) said.

Even though Vrehas and Meyer are newer to the sport than others on the team, they have been practicing hard to make the best of the season.

“I love the teamwork we have. I was really proud of him and I both,” Noah Meyer (12) said.

Even though the pair ended up losing both sets, they played well together.

“[The players] who had never had varsity experience came in and played very hard.  Everybody stayed on the court as long as they could, and they tried their best today,” Asst. Coach Josh Wierzba said.

Since the team has many seniors, they have worked hard to make the best of their last year.

“I’m looking forward to going out of senior year on a strong note.” Devries (12) said.