The foe of pokemon go

Mackenzie Moore, Author

The release of Pokemon Go, an app focusing on catching and training virtual creatures, shook the world with its release in July of this year.

“[I usually play at] a church near my house, a park, and Crown Point Square,” Elise Halbe (10) explained, saying where she usually plays.

The GPS configuration in the game requires players to move in real life to move in the game. Players can find different Pokemon, the animals in the game, by going to different areas and by using different items such as lures and incense. Many of the players flock to the same areas, as they are a crucial part of the game. Gyms and Pokestops allow players to increase their levels and get items to catch Pokemon. They can also battle other teams in the gyms, adding a competitive element to the game.

“I usually played [Pokemon Go] once or twice every single day,” Theodore Mantis (10) said.

The summer release of the game allowed students to spend time going out to find and hatch Pokemon. Now that school has started, students have to find the time for both the game and their school work.

“If I play during the school week, it is only on the bus, and most of my playing time is on Fridays,” Halbe said.

Some choose to limit their time playing the game to only the weekend or at certain times. Others have to quit completely.

“By the time school started, I stopped playing it altogether,” Mantis said.